Eight TIps for Living with Kids in an Apartment

Everyone wants to raise kids in a three bedroom, 2 bathroom, house out in the suburbs. However, the American dream doesn’t always work out that way. In today’s mobile and uncertain economy, families often find themselves living in an apartment. Fortunately, living in an apartment and interacting with other people can teach kids valuable lessons, self-discipline, and life skills. Here are some tips for successfully raising kids in an apartment.

  1. Get A Ground Floor Apartment. Don’t set yourself up for failure. If you have noisy kids, you should get a ground floor apartment. There is no reason to torment downstairs neighbors with the noise of running rambunctious children.
  1. Look for Kid Friendly Amenities. Fortunately, many apartments have amenities like pools, gyms, movie rooms, basketball courts, and playgrounds. If you can find an apartment complex with amenities that you can take advantage of with your kids, you will have a better experience as a renter.
  1. Use The Amenities. If you’ve got the amenities, make sure you use them. When kids have energy to burn, get them to the playground, the pool, the tennis court, or the basketball court. Unless you’re filthy rich, you’ll never have a pool, tennis court, basketball court, and playground again. Make the most of them! Properties like the linq condo has great amenities for your kids. So as a tip for those who are still in the process of looking for their apartment, it is advisable to always consider amenities as a big factor.
  1. Let The Kids Play Outside. A sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for parents or kids. However, active video games that require dancing and movement may disturb your neighbors. Instead, you’ve got to get the kids outside to play. Take advantage of all the amenities and the chance to make friends. More than likely, there are other kids living in your apartment complex. So, when your kids go out to play, they can play in a group with other kids. This will teach them valuable social skills, give them a chance to play team sports informally, and be safer than sending them off to play outside alone.
  1. Teach Them To Walk Like Ninjas. When the kids are inside, teach them to walk quietly. Make it a game. Teach them to glide quietly across the floors like a ninja or a native American brave. However, if the kids stomp and run, don’t hesitate to discipline them. If you are a parent living with kids in an apartment, you should realize that your apartment isn’t a barn or a dance hall and get your kids to simmer down. In the process, your kids will learn self-discipline and self-control. It’s better for children to learn self control when they are young and before they learn to drive.
  1. Use Your Indoor Voice. Yelling is another no-no in apartments. Unfortunately, thin walls and thin floors transmit sound easily. As a parent, you’ll have to use your indoor voice and teach your kids to do the same.
  1. Respect Your Landlord and Neighbors. The key lesson kids can learn when living in an apartment is to respect other people and other people’s property. For example, kids should be taught not to play ball around your neighbors’ cars. They should also be taught to avoid damaging your apartment and its grounds. Slamming doors and cabinets should not be tolerated. Respecting people and their property is an important lesson that will last a lifetime.
  1. Forge Relationships With Other Parents and Children. Perhaps the most important lesson kids can learn in an apartment is tolerance for other people. An apartment complex is filled with families from all over the world. Kids learn quickly to play with other children from diverse backgrounds. When they do, parents have a chance to meet and may soon find themselves with friends to share the burdens of watching kids.

Above all, don’t let your kids do the seven things not to do while living in an apartment. You can rise to the challenges of apartment life and be a great parent. Your downstairs neighbors are counting on you.

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