Effects Of Smoking And Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

If you’re a smoker or have ever been a smoker than you know just how hard it is to quit, cut-back or even try to go without smoking a cigarette. Now, if you’re a smoker and considering having any type of cosmetic plastic surgery done now is the time to start preparing yourself to either quit or quit temporally. You will be compromising the results of your cosmetic plastic surgery job if you don’t. There are several negative effects that nicotine can have on your body when dealing with cosmetic plastic surgery.

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Poor Blood Circulation

In order for your face or body to heal properly following surgery (any surgery) the tissue needs to be supplied with the proper supply of oxygen. Unfortunately, nicotine restricts the amount of oxygen-rich blood available by closing off the blood vessels.

Increased Risk of Infection

Did you know the smoking drastically increases the odds of an infection? This is especially dangerous when it comes to plastic surgery recovery. For example, if the cartilage in your nose were to become infected following rhinoplasty, it could end up permanently damaged.

Accelerated Tissue Aging

Have you been smoking all or most of your life? Well that accelerates your aging. Maybe you could have put off that face lift or eye lift for a few years if it weren’t for all the damage smoking did to your face. While you can’t change the past, what you can do is help prevent further damage from this point forward by quitting.

Slower Healing

Think you just can quit for a few weeks before and after your plastic surgery and you’ll be okay? Well think again! Did you know that full recovery from a rhinoplasty operation, for example, can take up to two years or more? Yes, that’s right… up to two full years! Even when there is minimal swelling with rhinoplasty, it will still usually last at least one year. So the only way to ensure the tissue functions properly now and in the future is to quit completely.

Increased Wrinkling

One of the most notorious effects of smoking on plastic surgery (as well as general aging) is increased wrinkling. After you spend a thousands of dollars on a face lift, the last thing you want is for those wrinkles to return faster than normal.

More Scarring

Whether it’s breast implants, a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty or something else… virtually any surgical procedure involves cutting of the skin. Unfortunately when the scar doesn’t heal properly, it can make even the best plastic surgery look horrible. Since nicotine restricts oxygen supply to your blood vessels, they’re not being supplied with the full amount of oxygen and nutrients they could be and in turn, this could contribute to scarring.

So if you don’t quit smoking for the basic obvious reasons then try your hardest to quit before and after your cosmetic plastic surgeries. You have to much at stake if you don’t!

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