Digital Picture Frames – Display Every Moment Of Your Life!!

In today’s world, digital cameras have changed the perception of photography as earlier photographers used to take a limited number of shots for producing a film. But now, you can take as many photos as you want. However, digital cameras do not have the facility to print out your favorite images automatically. 

That’s when digital photo frames come into play. Digital photo frames allow users to showcase their pictures in a digital frame without printing out each photo. Due to advanced technology, most digital photo frames provide a memory card slot facility and select the pictures that you want to display. Some digital photo frames come integrated with an in-built memory that allows users to store their images in them. 

There are several models and manufacturers of digital photo frames, making it challenging for you to choose the most suitable digital photo frame for your home. Before making a final purchase decision, you need to ensure that the product has every required feature, including high image quality, storage, etc. If you want to buy top-quality digital photo frames, visit for more details. So, let us look at the features of a digital photo frame.

  • Screen Size 

Generally, the size of a digital photo frame can range from 3 x 4 to 11 x 13 inches. And you should know that the best digital frames are those with large frame sizes that range up to 7-8 inches. Like computer monitors and television, digital photo frames are also measured diagonally. 

That means using a 7-9 inch digital image can be matched with the standard photo print size of 5 x 7 or 4 x 6 inches. However, larger digital picture frames are also available that measure 20 inches. So, once you decide where to place your digital frame, you will be able to choose the best screen size of digital frame for showcasing your photo album. 

  • Resolution 

Resolution determines the number of pixels used by the frame horizontally by vertically. In simpler terms, resolution refers to the screen image size measured in pixels. It is advised to buy a digital frame with 800 x 480 or 800 x 600 pixels. The higher the resolution, the higher will be the image quality. 

  • Frame 

Another factor that you have to consider while choosing the best digital photo frame for your home is the frame itself. Frames are made of different materials, styles, and colors. Most manufacturers build these frames using metal, plastic, glass, and wood. You would be glad to know that there are some interchangeable faceplates available on the market that can change the overall look of the frame and fit the decor surrounding. 

  • In-Built Storage 

Some digital photo frames are integrated with in-built storage that allows you to store pictures. And it has become more convenient for those users who do not have a camera’s memory card for their frame. One should look for a 512 MB memory size or more in a digital photo frame. 

These are the features you need to check during the selection process and choose the best digital frame for your home. 

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