Diamond Painting- High Quality Samples With Decorum Technique

There are many new things to try out from in this world but the time is quite short because it would take more than one lifetime to accumulate anything and everything that the world has had to offer since the very beginning.

Nature has given us numerous gifts to cherish and people do enjoy doing so as they find it enthralling that sets their mind at peace with a deep sense of bliss, which is the best way to remain happy that is to be satisfied in short.

Martin Luther King once quoted ‘I have a dream’ and that statement echoes with the youngsters of today, the only difference being that the latter don’t know how to make it a reality.


The current times are such that you can turn your passion into profession and painting is one that immediately comes to mind when you think about it but if you add diamond before it, most people are completely at sea when the here the term ‘Diamond Painting’.

Diamond painting is defined as form that has a unique blend of art and craft as an added mixture that is utilized for entertainment purposes without overdoing anything but at the same time, it also requires passion to master it to perfection.

It is an art form that does not immediately ring a bell in your memory as most people are familiar with painting they are completely ignorant about diamond painting being an extraordinary art form.

The world of art and craft is too diverse that involves different facets of the world where nature and its colors are the most prevalent in most of the renowned art forms that you usually come across.

While the average common man dismisses it as a waste of time with no benefits, others are curious to know more about the art form due to their fascination for colorful paintings that they see in art galleries.

Use of Art Form

In order to learn the finer aspects of diamond painting, you need to have a clear imagination that is creative and innovative and has to run at the speed of light as only such artists are renowned worldwide and their work has achieved global recognition by an International Diaspora.

It involves breaking down of images into small pieces with a specific pattern that has to be maintained from start to finish without losing the basic essence of what you want to convey through your painting.

As most of you must be clear by now what is diamond painting, the use of this art form requires a lot of practice from your side, especially if you are a beginner in this field, then you need to practice for days and months together to achieve perfection.

To get the pattern right, just take a white canvas and apply glossy tiles on the surface that are small in size and then proceed with the drills and colors to match the color chart that the painting requires.

How to Choose

The canvas has to be of a specific size and should never exceed 2.5 to 3mm and the tiles should also be white to match its source to which it is stuck, following which sparkles are applied to give it a shiny look.

Steps to choose good quality paintings are:

  • Take a good look at all the shots and select the high quality ones as they are more clear while the smaller ones are blur
  • Use the canvas image that matches perfectly with your photograph based on size and orientation
  • The shading of your photo should be identical to the painting and the colors that you have chosen based on the original source of image
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