Condominium: Spacious and Affordable

The second decade of the 21st century has begun, bringing with it a new wave of hope and aspirations on how the coming years will prove to be for mankind and where different countries of the world will stand in terms of progress. 

Each decade brings with it a new generation of life which is destined to be the future of the world and they are quite different from each other and can never cater to each others’ ideologies, what we like to call generation gap. 

Now, the current generation is way ahead of the previous ones in terms of talent and skills, presumably due to the advent of social media and various electronic gadgets in their vicinity, something that their ancestors were never accustomed to have in their youth. 

They always complain about their parents not giving them the required space and liberation in their personal lives and are always keeping an eye out for their activities. 

They are right in a way, but need to understand that the parents are only doing their duty so that their children do not go astray and take the wrong path, which can have a negative impact on their future. 

Condo Space 

While this debate can go on, when the topic comes about giving space, there is one that comes to mind and it is called condominium.  It is akin to an apartment but smaller in size compared to its erstwhile counterpart. 

Basically, it provides a living space to a few people by giving them shelter and an area to occupy in a room. 

Condominiums are found all over the world but they are most prominently availed in US, UK, France, Germany, India, Denmark, etc. to name a few and has played a major role in shaping the lives of its occupants, the result of which many people preferring it over luxurious mansions. 

Singapore Bonanza 

The most prominent of all is the sims villa of Singapore, which has undertaken a new project to provide wider and better roads with peripheral expressways for the residents of the society so that they are comfortable in parking and moving their vehicles. 

The sims villa price is quite reasonable due to the east west line being nearer to sims drive, the location chosen for the project. It is said to be a joint venture of Leong Group and Citizen Development which would reduce the travel time from District Area to Orchard Road by an hour.

How To Purchase At Affordable Prices 

Due to most buyers being careless when it comes to buying condos, they end up paying more than required and repent about it later. 

Therefore, given below are certain tips that can be followed so as to pay less for condos: 

  1. You must be well aware of what you have bargained for and are able to gel with the residents of the society because most of the condos are attached to one another 
  2. Look for an agent or broker who is an expert on condos and can help you out to choose the best one in terms of size and locality 
  3. It should have basic amenities and enough space so as to house a single family 
  4. Conduct a good research on the property management officials 
  5. Study the association fees carefully and ascertain all the expenses before hand 
  6. Avoid unnecessary funds as they are simply designed to siphon off more money 
  7. Get rid of miscellaneous expenses 
  8. Never go for special assessments, which are basically extra fees for major repairs 
  9. Fees increase during inflation, so be careful while selling units 
  10. Never enter into bargain with unscrupulous elements 
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