Choosing The Best Groomer For Your Dog

You would probably laugh at anyone who proclaimed that all hairdressers are alike. Then you should also keep in mind that not all dog groomers are alike. Your dog might not mind so much if he or she has a bad hair day, but you sure will. You need to take the time to find the best groomer for your dog that you can afford.

Before You Look

First of all, does your dog really need a groomer? Short haired dogs do not need a groomer in order to maintain good health and a clean coat if you are willing to do all of the brushing, bathing and claw-clipping yourself. Some dogs will only need a trim once a year, mainly to keep the hair out of their eyes and their anal region. Some dogs like Schnauzers need their coats stripped once a year in order to maintain prime health.

And then there are dogs like Poodles and Bichon Frises that need their coats dealt with every five or six weeks. Their coats not only grow incredibly fast, but they also matt very easily. Having a dirty clump of hair not only is unsightly, but leads to sores and general misery for the dog.

If your dog’s coat commands constant attention, you need to find a groomer. You can’t just cut the coat with scissors or an electric trimmer, as the coat needs to be washed first (Same as with your hair).

People To Ask

The best people to ask for recommendations about a great local dog groomer come from your veterinarian, your boarding kennel (if you have one), your dog trainer (if you have one), from friends and family who own dogs or from a neighbor at the local dog park who has a dog with a high-maintenance coat.

Perhaps your vet offers grooming services. This can be a time saver only if your dog is okay with going to the vet. If your dog falls to pieces every time you go to the vet’s, then you need to find another groomer.

If no one you know knows of a good groomer, then go to the website of the National Dog Groomers Association of America, with the Yellow Pages and your pet supply store for names. Many pet stores now offer affordable grooming services. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau’s website to see if your dog groomer candidates have been in any trouble recently.

What To Look For

A good dog groomer will have a clean, orderly, brightly lit salon and will clearly be able to get along with dogs. He or she shouldn’t leap back every time the dog yawns. It will also smell nice. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or to ask if the groomer is familiar with grooming your dog’s breed. Also check to see that the dogs are regularly monitored when they are under a blow dryer. Moreover, you should also ask what are the best dental chews for dogs. Asking all of these questions will give you an idea on how to choose the right groomer for your dog.

Watch the groomer work with another dong before giving your dog up to him or her. Does the groomer even seem to like dogs? Sadly, there are surprising amount of pet groomers that really hate animals and only see them as money makers. Does the groomer yanks and shove the dog around silently or is the groomer talkative, gentle and calm?

Your dog will most likely make the final decision. If they pull on the lead to go to the groomer, then you have found the groomer for you.

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