Check Out These Five Ways In Which You Can Earn Money Online By Watching Videos

Everyone wants to increase their source of income by some way or the other, right? You can find several ways to do so. But did you think of earning money by watching videos? Yes! That’s absolutely possible. You can find several websites that actually pay you for watching movies or videos online. In today’s blog we are going to show you 5 ways that allows you to earn money by watching videos.

  • InboxDollars –

one of the most trusted & reputed websites that pays their users for watching movies, you can earn at least $200 – $250 every month. InboxDollars also gives you a $5 signing bonus that helps you to add up to the profits. Select a playlist of all the videos that are available on their site. The playlist not only consists of movies, but also other videos as well. These can range from a few minutes to hours. Once you have added the videos to your playlist, InboxDollars will tell you how much you can earn from them. This is a fantastic side income that you can start grinding on now.

  • SwagBucks –

even though SwagBucks is a paid survey company, they also help you to earn money by watching videos. Yes! The amount earned by watching each video is lesser than InboxDollars, but still it is a great source of income for many. You can choose from a wide range of categories that are available at their website. Open up the videos, start watching them and your payouts will be credited to your account instantly. They also have an app for their users for better convenience. So you can watch videos even when you are going to travel.

  • My Points –

My Points pays you for watching the different videos that are present on their website. However, there is a catch. The website has a daily cap on how many videos you can watch. So, you cannot watch unlimited videos and increase your earnings too much. If you are done watching all the videos assigned for the day, you can earn money by doing surveys or by reading emails they provide you with. Like InboxDollars they also offer their new users with a $5 sign-up bonus.

  • National Consumer Panel –

a joint venture with Nielsen, NCP offers quite attractive payouts when you watch videos on their website. There will be several videos, video questionnaires, and different other ways to fill your wallet. An exciting part of being their user is that they host giveaways that are sometimes worth $10,000. So you can try your luck participating in them. Once you reach the cash out margin, you can transfer all the money to your bank account or other banking wallet.

These are the best ways in which you can earn a good amount of money by watching videos online. For anyone who is looking for their pocket money, watching videos online can help them a lot. Visit lk21 and check out different videos that they have hosted on their website.