CBD Oil for Dogs With Cancer: Possible Benefits and More

Like humans, dogs are susceptible to cancer, with 1 out of 3 dogs develop some kind of cancer in their lifetime. Study shows that the main cause for dogs to die at over 2 years of age is cancer and 5 out of 10 dogs for over 10 years old are likely to develop it.

Undoubtedly, cancer is an illness everyone has to look out for both humans and animals alike.

CBD Oil has shown clinical results of providing health benefits to anyone who uses it. Using CBD oil for dogs is similar to humans taking it.

Here are some of the benefits CBD can offer to a dog with cancer:

Fight Tumor Growth

CBD has been recorded to show an anti-tumor effect on a human’s body by triggering cells to self-destruct especially when used chemotherapy or radiotherapy. CBD can give the tumor-shrinking mechanism a boost to effectively and possibly decrease the dosage of the treatment without lowering the desired effect on your dog’s body.

As more research on cancer and usage of CBD is getting done, researchers discovered that the dog’s endocannabinoid system, the part where send signals to the central system, is actively responding to cannabinoids such as CBD.

Thus, CBD oil is a natural solution to fighting tumor growth and reduce the side effects suffered by your furry friend.

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

There are side effects in treating cancer or when progression starts to show, such as excruciating pain and inflammation and CBD oil helps dogs with pain management. Like humans, CBD has that effect to reduce pain and inflammation to keep up with the negative side effects of treating cancer.

Furthermore, research recommended the use of CBD Oil for both humans and dogs alike, as CBD will bring lesser side effects than other pain relief medications prescribed by veterinarians.

Boost Immune System

One of the negative effects suffered by dogs upon treatment for cancer is losing the appetite and strength to eat and nausea which often leads to excessive weight loss and deteriorating energy. 

However, we know that the endocannabinoid system and the immune system are linked, in which CBD oil has identified its ability to reduce oxidative stress and fight diseases that enter the system damaging healthy tissues and cells.

Cannabinoids help regulate a healthy system and improve a dog’s appetite and get its energy back in no time. To explore more on this, check the review here.

Improve Sleep 

CBD can improve sleep by reducing pain that has components such as THC which acts as a sleeping agent and CBD that helps in keeping the dog awake. 

However, researchers have suggested that promoting a waking cycle help with getting a night of better sleep for your fur friend to be well soon enough.

Bottom Line

CBD is not a cure for a dog who is suffering from cancer, however, considering asking your veterinarian on cannabinoids may help you think twice about infusing it with your dog’s healthy diet and/or medication.

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