Body Weight Workouts For Underweight Skinny Guys

In this particular body weight workouts video, bodybuilder Vince Delmonte stresses the importance of strengthening your physique before you attempt to gain muscle.

It’s funny because I recently had a friend who couldn’t figure out why I was so much stronger than he was, although we weigh about the same. He hasn’t workout out a day in his life, I’ve been working out religiously since 1997. There’s something called muscle memory that becomes a factor in how we train and what sort of results we get.

On one hand for example I could hit workout plateaus and be a hardgainer if I don’t switch up my routines. On the other hand I could stop working out for 6 months and he could workout consistently for 6 months. The thing I have going for me is history and time. Even though I’ve not been in the gym training for 6 months, my muscles can recoup and recover very rapidly because they’ll draw on muscle memory. On top of that, I can reclaim my gains equally as quick.

It’s very similar to riding a bike. You could get off a bike for 10 years and get right back on no problem. But if you were learning to ride a bike for the first time when you’re 35 it still might involve a learning curve.

All that to say, don’t go lifting heavy weights until you put in some time, sweat and built a history with these weights you’re lifting.

If we’re new to working out, it’s important to ease into your lifting routines. What’s the best way to get comfortable lifting massive amounts of weight? Getting comfortable with your own freaking body weight first.

Everybody should start with only their body weight. Once you can do 40 to 50 pushups easily, then you can move onto the bench and start racking the barbells with two 45lb plates on each side.

But ease into it, otherwise you’re going to rip muscles, tear tendons and get injured and set yourself back a good six months.

If you can’t do 30 push ups relatively easily, you shouldn’t be trying to lift 200 pounds on a free weight bench press. Know what I mean?

You just can’t walk into the gym right off the street after a couple of weeks of lifting weights and be lean and buff. It’s ain’t gonna happen.

Actually, your dreams can eventually come true. But it’s not going to happen overnight. Weight lifting, bodybuilding and strength training all take time. They all take discipline and effort.

First, you should get into heavy loading to build your base. Obviously you need a foundation. Your foundation is body weight workouts.

As you move along Using these body weight exercises, you will produce slow twitch fibers. These fibers will not only help your recovery between sets as you get started, but they’ll also help as you move past body weight workouts into lifting lots of regular weights from dumbells and barbells.

As you progress, you’ll find these body weight workouts themselves aren’t really that hard. But what makes them tough is the number of sets you need to do. There are ways of adding extra plates and weight to some of these body weight routines but I don’t recommend it to start with.

So are you ready to do 50 reps for each of 5 body weight exercises that will effect every single muscle in your body? If you’re like me, you focus on lifting heavy. But every know and then it’s important to switch up your workout routines and do some body weight workouts for a week or two just to get stronger and more fit.

You’ll notice that you’re getting more fit and strong by switching up your workout schedule.

Pushups will strengthen your chest, triceps, core stomach muscles. Pullups will work your back mainly your latissimus dorsi muscles and your biceps and forearms. Dips are for the shoulders, triceps and chest depending how far you lean forward. Chinups will kill the biceps, foreams and even your abdominal muscles. Your legs like quads and calves will pain when you do those squats.

Squats are the king of all exercises. Make sure whatever you do, to NOT skip them. The most important exercise you’ll do in the gym all week is squats.

So whether you’ve just decided to begin the body weight workouts or have been training awhile, you may find these exercises mentally challenging. But even if you’re skinny don’t get discouraged.

Physically, body weight workouts can be really tough (especially if you’re weak and underweight) but the results will be positively rewarding.

In conclusion, if the aforementioned points are followed diligently, all the skinny folks out there can achieve an enviable built that might lead you in becoming the cynosure of all eyes but exercising alone isn’t enough as a good diet plan is also needed that includes eating healthy stuff and avoiding fast food so make sure to include wheat bread, salad, fruits and green veggies along with health drinks like orange juice, smoothie, red juice, etc. and do look up organifi red juice review online for learning more.

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