Best Coolest Gadgets Your Car Must Have

Gadgets for cars is a growing trend today. But you shouldn’t merely waste your cash on any devices for automobile. You must check, then know the best and coolest to purchase.

TomTom Go 700

One of the latest gadget categories for cars is the GPS navigation tool. These car gadgets provide you with real time maps, directions and traffic updates. One of the best reviewed navigation system is the TomTom Go 700. It retails for about $900, but according to the reviews and consumer reports, it is well worth this hefty price tag.

The TomTom Go 700 has a 12 channel receiver, a 3.5 inch color LCD screen, a built in antenna and a touchscreen. It is also fitted with Bluetooth technology which allows you to make hands-free calls and adapt your receiver for TomTom PLUS upgrades. With your TomTom Go 700 you will receive: a PC cable, an AC power adapter, a car power adapter, mounting brackets and a carrying case. With this product you will be able to identify the quickest, fastest, or shortest route.

Valeo Raytheon Personal Driving Assistant

If you navigate the perilous urban highways to get to and from work, then you may want to add the Valeo Raytheon Personal Driving Assistant. This product, which starts at about $450, is tool that can help you to avoid accidents on the highway. It is basically a commercial version of a military radar imaging devise. It uses radar to scan the areas behind you and to both of your sides for obstacles. If an object is detected a symbol will light up on your side view mirrors.

SkyTel SkyGuards

The SkyTel SkyGuard is a theft recovery device that has more than one application. Its primary purpose is to allow you to identify where your vehicle is in the event that it is stolen. The SkyGuard system will allow you to remotely control the door locks and the car’s power. This means that if your car is stolen, then you can disable the ignition so that the thief won’t be able to start the car once it has been turned off.

In addition to theft recovery, you can also use this cool car gadget to monitor your kids’ while they drive your car. You can set up alerts so that you know if they drive out of a pre-approved zone, if they are speeding or to generally track where they are going during the day. (Consequently, you can also use this device to track your spouse or significant other.) The cost of this product is about $350 for the unit plus a monthly subscription fee.

Mobile Infrared Transmitter

While I don’t know how legal it is for the average Joe to use this car gadget, it is still pretty cool. It is the mobile infrared transmitter that retails for between $300 and $500. This small device will allow you to control traffic lights so you never have to be stuck at a red light again. This device is designed primarily for emergency services, but the company also promoted it as a VIP tool as well. To use this device it needs to be mounted to your visor, behind the grill, on your bumper or on your existing lightbar. It is small and doesn’t emit a visible light so it is not noticeable. Before buying an item like this it is a good idea to check out use restrictions and local laws.

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