Back Chest Workout Duo – What Are They?

The following workouts are for those wishing to increase strength and muscle mass in the chest and back.

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For increased strength and muscle mass, do no more than twelve repetitions each set. This workout can be performed twice a week but make sure you have at least 24 hours rest between each chest and back session.

Warm-up Examples

Warm-ups prepare the body for intense exercise. Stretching increases flexibility and improves circulation.


Dynamic stretches such as the chest cobra and cat cow are useful. Basic chest and back stretches include arm crossovers, arm circles, doorway chest stretches, spinal rotations, the lying spinal twist and side bends.


Use the standard push-up and variations. Complete 6-10 reps of the varieties you choose and rest thirty seconds between each set. Three sets is enough, don’t tire yourself out before the actual workout. Variations that target the back and chest include the wide-grip push-up, single-arm push-up, staggered push-up, lap push-up and atomic push-up. The atomic push-up involves putting your feet in a suspension trainer and doing a push-up while bringing your knees to your chest. Push-ups can be used in the warm-up or the actual workout. Increase intensity and reps if used in workout.

Seated cable row: Use very light weights and complete two sets of rows.

Workout Example

A combination of the following can be used during a back and chest workout. Make sure the workout is balanced.

Dumbbell incline press:

This exercise targets the uppers pectorals, anterior deltoids and triceps. Using dumbbells instead of a barbell makes you stabilize your core and shoulders during the workout. You can use several angles on a good bench.

Dumbbell decline press:

This exercise targets the lower pectorals, anterior deltoids and triceps. A 10-40 degree decline is recommended.

Barbell bench press:

It works the pectoralis major, anterior deltoids and triceps, as well as the forearms and abdominals. Bench press strength is a common boast in the gym but make sure you have correct technique and a spotter.


The common chin-up involves gripping a bar with your palms facing your body about shoulder-width apart. You can make your grip narrower or wider. Chin-ups primarily work your latissimus dorsi, teres major and biceps. The posterior deltoid, rhomboids, trapezius and the core are also worked. A narrow grip emphasizes the biceps; a wider grip will better isolate your latissimus dorsi and upper back muscles.


Pull-ups involve a grip with palms facing away from your body. They target the latissimus dorsi. They also work the teres major, trapezius, pectoralis major, rhomboids and biceps. A wider grip will further emphasis the latissimus dorsi. Chin-ups and pull-ups are old school and effective. You can also do behind-the-neck pull-ups. A real test of strength and you need little equipment.


The muscles of the chest and back are essential to breathing, bending, twisting, and rotating. High stress is placed on the back most days and back injuries are common and debilitating. A strong chest adds stability to the shoulders and will give power to a range of common sports movements, such as a rugby player’s tackle or a boxer’s punch. The above exercises will help you avoid back injury, increase flexibility in your chest and back, work major muscle groups, add mass and tone, and improve muscular endurance.

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