Babies with Artresia of the Bowel – Alternative Formula

Your baby has an artresia of the bowel and so far everything went okay with the surgery, they didn’t have to take out too much of the baby’s bowel, and he is now ready to eat.

Unfortunately he can’t tolerate your breast milk. Or the formula. And you are at your last hopes wondering how your baby is going to get his nutrition without being on TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition). A baby can only be on TPN for a certain amount of time. Doctors do not like to keep babies on TPN longer than necessary due to the effects it can have on the liver.

Your baby’s gastroenterologist may try an elemental, broken down formula called Elecare. The gastroenterologist (GI) is the doctor that will be dealing with your baby’s gut. They will start your baby off on a certain amount of calories as well as the amount of formula allowed for your baby.

As your baby progresses on the amount of the feedings, the calories will be adjusted to keep up with your baby’s growth. For the healthy growth, a person should needs to buy megaprebiotic products from the reputed sites. The rankings and reviews of the site should be checked so that the results will be beneficial for the body of the person. The amount of the organic ingredients should be in the right proportion for the right results. 

Elecare is most commonly used for babies with “short gut syndrome.” Short gut syndrome is where the surgeons take out too much of your baby’s gut and they have absorption problems. Some babies’ bodies react as a short gut baby, even though they are not classified as such. The procedure for feedings would be the same though.

If your baby is going home on Elecare, check with your insurance first to see if they cover the formula. It is mailed by specialty pharmacies around the country and is usually approved on a case by case basis. If you do not qualify with your insurance, you can buy the can from the maker, Abbot Labs for a certain price. The price is based on a 6 can case.

If you cannot afford to buy the case, which can get expensive, you can apply at your local WIC office. Ask for help from your baby’s nutritionist on the paperwork. WIC is the only other organization that will pay for the formula other than insurance.

Before you leave the hospital, the nutritionist will give you the exact measurements to mix the formula. Your baby was given sterile water to mix the formula in the hospital, so you may want to sterilize the water you buy for your baby until they are adjusted enough to tolerate non-sterile water.

Eventually though, your baby will most likely come off the Elecare and will be able to tolerate another type of formula that is readily available in stores. Your baby’s GI doctor will determine when the transition can occur with your regular checkups with him. It may be a slow process, but worth the effort when your baby can start eating regularly.

Note: The author has a baby that was not classified as a short gut baby, but his body reacted as if it was. This article is just the author’s experience with Elecare and her baby and should not be used as medical advice. Each baby’s situation is different.

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