About Hair Follicle Drug Tests

A hair follicle drug test is somewhat a simple procedure. To begin, you have to obtain a hair strand from your head or another person’s head. This strand is then taken into a laboratory for evaluation.

There are different types of drug tests out in the market and two of the more familiar types include urine and blood tests. These tests are also proven effective in detecting drugs recently taken by a person. However, these tests can only detect drugs that were taken by a person in the past 3 days. This means that it will be easy for a drug user to stop taking illicit drugs for 3 days in order to bypass drug testing using these methods. Additionally, you can find How to pass a Hair Follicle drug test here. 

Hair follicle drug test is the most effective of the 5 major types of drug testing. Other samples such as saliva and sweat can also be used for detecting the presence of illegal drugs in a person’s body. However, these two testing procedures are prone to errors.

Taking a hair follicle drug test is fast and easy. A hair follicle drug test is an accurate way of testing since it can detect drug use for up to 6 months. Because of this, occasional and habitual drug users are hesitant in taking a hair follicle drug test. Traces of drugs that a person has used in the past 6 months are encased in their hair shafts. The best possible way to avoid getting a positive result in a hair drug test is by cutting or shaving your hair. Obviously, shaving your head before this type of drug test will look some kind of suspicious.

A hair drug test can detect 5 major types of drugs. These include cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP. Testing positive in a hair follicle drug test can have grave consequences. Most failures in hair drug tests will result in denial of insurance agency coverage. Some employees who test positive in a hair follicle drug test will be given a certain period of time to stop drug use.

Although hair follicle drug tests are the most accurate, there is a little controversy in hair drug testing. Research has found that dark-haired people have a higher risk for testing positive in a hair drug test. This is due to a higher level of melanin in their hair, which lets drug compounds attach strongly to their hair, even with environmental exposure to drugs. This can still be confirmed by doing another hair follicle drug test after several days.

If you are a concerned parent and want to test your daughter or son for drugs, there are home drug tests that can easily be used. You can obtain a strand of hair from their clothes or hairbrush and test this for long-term drug use. If the result of the hair follicle drug test is negative, then you can be assured that they are not taking any illegal drugs. However, if the result of the home hair drug test is positive, you can also look for professional help regarding stopping their use of illicit drugs.

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