A Review of Homewood Mountain Resort in California

Unbroken views of Lake Tahoe are one of the most impressive features that the Homewood Mountain resort has to offer. Guests can enjoy the food, wine and the excellent service. Furthermore, parents can allow their children to wander around the children’s areas of the resort to enjoy the playgrounds. There are ski classes for all ages, and the instructors do an excellent job of making even the newest skiers feel right at home. New skiers will have no trouble understanding the instructors’ lessons, and instructors take a hands-on approach to their classes. For that reason, as much as any other, the Homewood Mountain Resort is among the favorite destinations of those visitors to Lake Tahoe who don’t have time for crowds, and are primarily there for the pristine slopes.

Homewood Mountain Resort in California 1

Insider Tips

Visitors to Lake Tahoe who enjoy more challenging ski slopes will enjoy staying at the Homewood Mountain Resort. Homewood keeps its slopes in pristine condition, and guests will be able to walk right onto the slopes. The resort doesn’t have the same problems with overcrowding that other properties in the area seem to have, so guests can take their time at breakfast and lunch, so they don’t have to worry about being last on the slopes. The new ski lifts and chairs that are available for guests will allow them to enjoy the slopes without the discomfort of having to stand in line for an hour waiting on an empty chair. They can take their time, and enjoy the world-class food that the Homewood offers, since they won’t have to struggle to find a spot on the slopes.

Pros and Cons

The Homewood Mountain Resort avoids the over the top atmosphere of many of the Tahoe area resorts. While this certainly translates to shorter lines at check-in and on the slopes, as well, the fact remains that for the ultra-luxurious experience that many travelers want, they will need to find a different resort. Homewood Mountain Resort boasts some of the most spectacular views of Lake Tahoe that can be found in the area, and the atmosphere is one of quiet serenity. Without the crowds and the noise that many of the area’s resorts have in abundance, Homewood provides an experience that is more conducive to enjoying a family getaway where the focus is on each other.

Homewood Mountain Resort in California 1

Bottom Line

Homewood Mountain Resort offis further afield than the other Lake Tahoe resorts. Off the beaten path, Homewood provides an experience that differs greatly than the larger, more heavily populated resorts in the vicinity. If it’s a beautiful atmosphere with excellent skiing and very short waits to get on the slopes, then Homewood is the place to stay. Since Homewood is significantly less well-known than the more well-heeled resorts in the area, it is also less crowded and significantly more affordable. The skiing at Homewood is second to none, and the family atmosphere means that all members of the family will enjoy their stay. Homewood is family-friendly and doesn’t frown on rambunctious children, and the entire family is encouraged to find their own path to happiness.

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