A Guide For Slangs And Terminologies Related To Steroid

Have you seen those heavy builders that have puffed up chests, large biceps that look like someone has filled the air inside it like a balloon? Have you seen those heavy builders that have a disproportionate body size, which cannot be measured easily? Have you seen those puffed up muscles that get easily lost when you stop going to the gym? It’s all about those white powder molecules that they take all day.

Some of these bodybuilders undergo strict training that is seriously more than just hitting the gym every day. Strict diets are needed to be followed that make their body understand the needs and build up muscles. However, as bluffs exist in a game, some bodybuilders have just puffed up their physique with the help of steroids.

These are illegal by law and you would be tried at court, if you are found in possession, selling, buying or consuming these steroids.

What are these steroids?

Steroidninja, like most substances that are abused, are chemical molecules that are synthetic and are produced through various methods. They could be obtained via plants and animal products. You should be careful while selecting the type of animals and plants as some steroids are deadly for human consumption. These steroids mimic the human hormone of testosterone, taking anabolic steroids as a substitute.

Testosterone, also known as the male hormone is responsible for several functions. It has the power of the male libido, functioning of muscles and growth, and sexual stamina among other things. It is considered to be the most important hormone in the male body related to the male sex. Anabolic steroids are considered to be a legal drug because they are prescribed by registered doctors as well.

What are the slang names and common street names of these steroids?

Let us see these names and understand where they come from and how they are represented in the community. They are as follows:-

  • Roids

This is a kind of a short name for steroids, and it is used by people that know that these are called steroids.

  • Juice

Since it pumps up the body, the word juice is considered to be the perfect slang for this drug.

  • Androgens

Androgens are the male hormones that characterized sexual male characteristics.

  • Arnold

This reference would be easily recognized by anyone that was born in the 90s, as Arnold Schwarzenegger was considered to be the man with the perfect physique.

  • Blender

Since other excipients that are used with the steroids are legal, the only illegal thing is called the blender.

  • Gear

Gears help a bike to increase its speed, and thus they are used to describe the various steroids that are used to increase the buff.

  • Gym candy

If you understand this slang, you understand the basic functioning of steroids.

  • On the Juice

This is used to exaggerate the nature of steroids, and the person who is on steroids building muscles.

Are they legal?

There are certain kinds of anaemia, where the male body can’t produce enough iron, and the production of iron depends upon the hormone testosterone. In these situations, drugs like anabolic steroids are prescribed. There are also problems related to sexual health, and performance anxiety as well, and all these problems are solved by the presence of adequate amounts of testosterone in the body. This is why they are legally prescribed by doctors as well.

You also need to understand that your local doctor cannot prescribe your anabolic steroids for muscle mass gain. If a doctor is found doing so, to bodybuilders, the consequences of their actions would lead to legal problems.

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