A Brief Overview on the Vbucks System of Fortnite

Fortnite credits Vbucks into account for players using iOS and Mac platforms

There’s a new feature in Fortnite that many of you have been asking about, and it’s called the “V-Bucks” system. So what are they? And how do they work?

The answer is simple: V-bucks are the currency used to purchase cosmetic items and other extras in Fortnite.

With the introduction of vbucks, every battle royale match now has an “account balance.” This means that you can buy anything in your collection with real money (or V-bucks) rather than having to wait until the game next updates to get more.

This also means that if you’re playing on a PC or Xbox One, you’ll need to pay for the game again when it comes out for those consoles.

It’s worth noting that while the new V-Bucks system will be available to all users from launch, Epic Games states that it won’t impact the free-to-play nature of Fortnite Battle Royale, meaning that you can still earn V-Bucks through gameplay without paying a dime. That said, there is no longer any way to trade V-Bucks between friends or family members; this was introduced as a way to help new players make their first purchases.

However, once you’ve finished your first week of playtime, you’ll receive 15 V-Bucks for each of your characters. These can then be applied to a limited selection of items, including the coveted Emote T-shirt.

You can find out more about the V-Bucks system right here.

While you might be wondering how exactly these V-bucks work, we’ve got all the answers you need right below!

How does the V-Bucks system work?

So, V-bucks are essentially credits that you spend on cosmetic extras within the game. They can be used at any time, but you can only use them on certain items, such as the aforementioned Emote T-Shirt.

As you progress through the game, you gain experience points, which are used to unlock loot boxes containing random cosmetics like emotes, outfits, emblems and gliders. It’s important to note that you don’t have to spend real money to buy these items – they’re just cosmetic extras.

When you log in to Fortnite, you’ll see an overview of your total amount of V-bucks on screen – this includes everything bought with real money as well as everything purchased with V-bucks through the store.

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You can also see how much of each item you own in your inventory.

There are currently three different types of V-bucks:

Real Money V-Bucks:

You can buy these using real world money.

Battle Pass V-Bucks:

The Battle Pass is a paid-for subscription that grants players access to exclusive rewards and discounts.

Store Credit V-Bucks:

This type of V-bucks is automatically awarded after completing certain challenges, such as achieving a high level of success in a match.

In addition to the above, you can also purchase V-Bucks using your Epic Wallet by heading to the Account section of the store page, clicking on Purchases and selecting V-Buck Credits.

If you want to see your current V-buck balance, head to Settings > Account and select View Account Balance.

As stated earlier, you can buy any cosmetic item in the game with V-bucks rather than waiting for the next update to hit. However, you cannot use V-bucks to buy Battle Stars, nor can you trade V-bucks with other players.

We also know that Epic Games plans to add a new item to the game soon, known as the “Punk Pack,” which contains 50 V-bucks.

All V-bucks can be spent in-game, so you would typically save up your V-bucks for one of these purchases. However, they can also be used to purchase Fortnite merchandise through the Epic Store, such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more.

These products are also available to purchase directly from the Epic Store website, although they cost slightly more than the in-game store.

To view all of the V-bucks you currently own and where you can use them, head back to Settings > Account and select View Account Balance.

How do I get more V-bucks?

At the moment, there isn’t a way to increase your V-buck balance other than buying more with real world cash. As the game continues to grow, however, this could change.

For now, you should consider saving up your V-bucks until you can afford something big like the Emote T-shirt or the Punk Pack. You probably won’t be able to buy either of these things with your existing V-bucks, so you’d need to get some more before purchasing them.

You’ll notice that the V-bucks balance shows up in red text against your name when you go into settings. This is because you haven’t completed any challenges, so this area of the screen is empty.

Once you complete enough challenges to unlock the V-bucks, you’ll start earning them. For example, you can earn V-bucks through challenges that involve reaching a specific number of kills, deaths or eliminations. When you reach 100 V-bucks, you unlock the Emote T-shirt.

Another way to earn V-bucks is by completing daily challenges, which you can check under the Challenges tab in the store menu. There’s also a weekly challenge that awards 25 V-bucks for every successful completion.

Epic Games says that more ways to earn V-bucks are coming in future updates, including a new mode called Battle Pass Mode that lets you earn V-bucks by playing matches, which should give you plenty of opportunities to earn V-bucks during the course of a single match.

Keep an eye out for future updates in the meantime, and let us know what you think of the new V-bucks system in the comments below!