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Alive Vitamins Side Effects

There are several retinol skin benefits making it very important to your health and skincare. Initially people seemed to care less concerning the meals until recently when various health problems were linked to the food they eat. Such findings have been baffled many in a society which is used to the culture of fast food. It is the urgency of this problem that has compelled scientists to look for a great solution that can help people. In their attempt to find a good cure, they have unveiled alive vitamins side effects. Luckily, it is one of the few products that have been termed a success.

Reviews on alive multivitamin have been proven as the best supplements people can include in their diets. Not only alive vitamins side effects is zero but is very effective, because it contains all the right nutrients that can enrich the body. It is derived for nature’s marine life called phytoplankton. Unlike other vitamin supplements that are formulated in the labs, none has managed to come closer to the success of the Alive pills. If you ever want a vitamin supplement to include in your diet, let that this product, and you won’t be disappointed.

Alive multi-vitamins are 100% safe, with no known side effects. A great number of people tend to get really conscious before buying any given supplement in the market. Of course, it’s good to be mindful since different products have been known to react differently on certain individuals. Although these products have been made to meet the high standards by some of the best scientists, it won’t be bad to consult your doctor before beginning on them. This is one of the reasons why the supplements are being chosen by many people in the society today.

If you thought Alive supplement is just another less effective product, you will love the many benefits it can brings to the table. Immediately after using a doze of these amazing products, you get to improve the performance of your brain, your cellular repair is boosted a hundred folds, offers cancer prevention abilities and strengthens the function of your hearts. Still not convinced that this product can promote your health? Unless you choose the products, you will never know what you are missing. People are advised to avoid leaving the health of their family to chance, but take advantage of these products and promote their family’s health.

Lastly, Alive pills are readily available and selling at a very affordable cost. Mostly the products come in different tabs divided into 30, 60 and 90. It is also clear that the more tabs you go for, the higher you are likely to pay for the products. If you want this amazing product the best place to shop for it, would have to be on the internet. This is the best place since you will find a website that are offering these products at a good cost. In fact, some go out of their way to provide price cuts and discounts offers were shopper can save big time. In closing, don’t be left behind but grab your Alive-multivitamins and secure you health.

Try to eat On Your Path to Weight-loss With This Particular Set of Extra fat-Using Food

While using appropriate report on fat-getting rid of foods, it can be possible that you can try to eat your path as a result of weight loss. Indeed, it not easy to believe that nevertheless it definitely accurate. Studies have shown that while exercising everyday for around thirty minutes a day is extremely important in shedding off the fat, changing the way you eat and being sure you are eating a balanced diet is more critical.

Why does your eating habits participate in a crucial role inside your fat reduction work? Essentially, common and strong exercise sessions will let you burn off around 300 to 400 calorie consumption on a daily basis. Among the variables that you need to be sure for weight-loss to happen is to use up more calories than you take in. Even so, if you just take whatever obtainable whenever you keen as opposed to consuming foods owed to your set of excess fat-getting rid of meals, it’s possible you’ll find themselves having back in your mouth the energy which you have attempted to melt away by exercising, it mat be much more. This makes your weight reduction initiatives useless.

So, whenever you build your shopping for groceries number, you have to include a summary of fats-using up meals that you can conveniently include in your daily dinners. What food products ought to join in on that collection? Here i will discuss 10 products that you can focus on.

Whole fiber cereal products. Whole grain cereals are packed with roughage and complicated glucose. They are good for hop-commencing our system each day as well as for sustaining our energy levels throughout the day. Not only this, they raise your body metabolism in order that it would get rid of fat rather then stockpiling it.

Oats. Whole oatmeal are another excellent method to obtain roughage. Consuming portion of oatmeal for breakfast offers us loads of vigor in order that we can easily complete at an advanced in the morning. In addition, they aid in increasing metabolic process and stop insulin shots surges that creates your body to transform surplus bloodstream sugar levels into body fat.

Offspring. Research indicates which the terrible name that eggs have acquired this can ldl cholesterol content is totally undeserved. Offspring are full of aminoacids, a macro-chemical which enables you us get ripped, makes us feel 100 % more quickly and helps to keep us full much longer the whole day. it is preferred to buy Best Weight loss pills that will suit your body and will be effective as well. always take an advice from your doctor before buying such pills or supplements. Aside from that, ovum have got excessive quantities of lecithin, an amino acid that assists burn fat while in the small digestive tract.

Seafood. Fish for instance sardines, salmon, tuna and anchovies are rich in ω-3 fat, and help get a grip of extra fat build up by the body processes. Also, these sea food are rich protein sources.

Beef. Various meats is so rich in necessary protein that your single serving can satiate and make you whole for at least 50 percent your day. It an excellent excuse you can eat meat or perhaps a pizza patty daily if you would like.

Chicken. If you get tired of taking in beef for necessary protein, chicken breast is an excellent substitute, if you dress in take in its skin. Chicken breast is a light-weight whitened animal meat that’s interestingly satisfying.

Natural, abundant vegetables. Eco-friendly, environmentally friendly produce like green spinach, broccoli and kale are containing more health supplements, not to mention soluble fiber, sophisticated sugar as well as other nutrients. Having a good amount of these nutritional requirements within you can keep the human brain from leading you to are afflicted by urges or unnecessary the urge to eat.

African american flavored coffee. Dark colored espresso stimulates the neurological system and causes it to become be employed in large items. 2, our bodies consumes a lot more fat laden calories from the fat outlets. Just make sure you consuming your caffeine black, so you drink at most some k-cups in one day.

Many fruits. The same as produce, fruits and veggies are abundant in supplements, vitamins and minerals, fibers along with other nutrients. If you have enough of these vitamins inside you, you picked up really feel urges or the urge to eat many times. They are able to also suit your lovely enamel if you wish to take in a little something fizzy.

Take advantage of. Exploit is best way to obtain calcium supplements. Scientific study has found folks who ingest at least 1,000 mg of calcium everyday tend to burn off fat and shed pounds. Because the person is much more effective at ingesting pure causes of lime scale than dietary supplements, you must ingest a glass or two of milk products each and every day.

Workouts are important to losing weight, in case you have on complement it with nutrition, you will not be able to obtain its advantages totally. So, be certain that every single dish you take a moment to consume features a few products from the directory of fats-losing food.

4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Fonts For Your Website

You may enjoy playing a memory game by choosing the right font for a website. There seem to be plenty of options, but only some fonts. It can damage the usability of your website if you make incorrect font choices. You don’t want it because it is more about making it easier for future consumers to use the website.

What are the conditions to choose the right font text generator on the website? To begin, you don’t want to make 4 mistakes with the font options of your website.

Too Many Fonts

Don’t be anyone leaves the page straight away, so it is too busy to read. Just two separate font families can be used for a website. More than that, the customer will start to look too busy and find a website easier to read and never return. It’s a terrible thing. Woo you with your insightful font options’ stunning simplicity. Your customer would understand just how convenient it is to read your content by hanging around and learning more about you.

Please note that two separate fonts should be chosen, not just fonts. A family of font types can include several types of weights, allowing you to choose more without chaos or confusion. In addition to the font, we suggest that you also take into account some other critical architecture, content, and production functions when creating your new site.

Fonts of the Same Size

Don’t be a site that doesn’t matter about bulk. That’s it. The hierarchy of font size is very important to guide your user to the most important page content. Without being there, you can give them a tour of the page. A well-designed page would have a pleasant flow with the larger billboard texts and then the smaller info.

This allows the user to know what the page is about instantly and then continue reading the details. If the typeface used on the website does not vary in scale, the message you want to understand will seem chaotic, and the viewer is dart around the page. For headlines and text paragraphs, most websites can use just 3-4 sizes.

Illegible Fonts

Don’t be the user’s chicken scratch homepage. The selection of a readable font sounds reasonable, but how many websites make such a mistake? You would be shocked to find out. It could be that you have to wonder if a font is unreadable. One way to check if your font is readable is to ask anyone above 55 to read your text quickly.

You can have to use a new font if they fail. Many fantastic fonts seem to be a fun fit for your website, but make sure it’s straightforward when working with most of the text on a list. Fountains with a variety of decorations are difficult to interpret in large and limited volumes. The fancy font is probably good if it’s only a few great sentences. Go easier for easier reading, whether it is a sentence or a paragraph.

No Typographic Contrast

Don’t be the spot that feels as monotonous as the sounds of Ben Stein. You should provide a visual comparison to the fonts used on a website. Creates a variety of font(s) with visual variations such as thick and thin, serif and sans-serif, italics and non-italicized, etc.

It helps to choose a family of fonts that includes the same font with several weights (boldness). This allows you to combine one font with another font through your website in various weights. It uses bullet lists, headers of sections, or short paragraphs to provide contrast and simplify page scanning.

So, these were the four common mistakes you make when choosing a font for designing a website. Sometimes, using a text generator in the process can also benefit you.

Too Much Personal Influence – Know About Them

When I say “too much personal influence”; I’m talking about the times that either I myself have influenced another reader’s interpretation, the personal influence when reading for those close to me and the personal influence that sometimes prevents me reading for myself objectively.

The tarot card reading can result in personal influence for the people. A new lifestyle is provided to the people. You can learn about the reading to have the desired results. The understanding of the reading is essential for the people to have a great influence on the personal life. 

To explain why I think there is even a point for discussion here, let me give you an example… A good few years ago a lovely tarot reader was recommended to me by a friend. She is brilliantly accurate, has a lovely caring personality and I’ve found myself growing really fond of her over the years. Whenever I have a major issue I go to see her for some much-needed guidance.

Now although she is a talented professional with years of experience, I’ve found that since we have become friends and therefore more familiar with each other, I have unwittingly influenced my readings with her. Like the time I was offered what appeared to be a great business opportunity and considered leaving my full time job. I was so excited that I’d already half made up my mind when I went for the reading and was really just looking for confirmation that I was making the right decision.

I was so enthusiastic about my new venture that I’m sure I made it difficult for my tarot reader – who was now my friend – to burst my bubble. I could kick myself; I remember her telling me that she saw disappointment next to the ace of pentacles and that she saw me out of work, but every time I heard that or anything else that was even a tinsy wincy bit negative, I would just find some kind of explanation as to what that must mean. I just kept throwing other things into the mix and confusing things. Instead of allowing my reader to go with her gut instinct I made her ‘think’, reconsider her interpretation and soften the blow.

What I should have done was keep my mouth shut and let my dear friend sucker punch me with the truth. To cut a long story short; the fantastic business opportunity turned out to be a complete nightmare beyond anything that I could have ever predicted. I’d left my job and found myself out of work, disappointed and feeling very sorry for myself.

My tarot reader agrees that she had allowed me to influence her interpretation and that even after her 30 years of experience she was still always learning. Now when I go for readings I say only the bare minimum, I don’t ask questions I just take in whatever tarot wants to tell me.

Since I’m both a client to other readers and a reader myself; I have seen this problem from both perspectives. As a reader I can honestly say that I find it easier to read for complete strangers whose lives I know nothing about. When you read for a stranger you cannot think or consider the individual’s circumstances, you only have your tarot skills and your intuition to go by. When you are reading for a friend or family member it’s very difficult (but not impossible) to eliminate all you know about that person. For example, you read for a friend who you think is single yet the spread is full love cards. Would you gravitate towards another interpretation of a card that would appear to be more relevant to their situation, or do pretend you know nothing of their situation and talk about the wonderful relationship that you see blossoming? Obviously you have to go for the latter, you can’t assume you know everything – maybe your friend does have a relationship blossoming but s/he just hasn’t broadcast it yet. Never ‘think’ too much, just trust your cards implicitly and they won’t let you down.

Then there’s that thing about delivering bad news to someone you care about. It’s tough, but I’ve learnt (sometimes the hard way) that honesty is the best policy; whether you’re delivering or receiving a bit of a blow. Otherwise you’ll be doing a disservice to yourself and others.

Then the last point; reading for yourself. For me this is my biggest tarot challenge yet. I read my own cards daily, I try and try to be objective, forget who I am and be open to whatever the cards are telling me. Sometimes the messages are blatantly obvious or support how I’m currently feeling, but put me in a situation were I’m confused or emotionally attached and then give me cards I don’t like the look of and I’ll be straight on the phone to my reader. How can you be objective about your own life? I know there are readers out there who are quite happy reading for themselves. Maybe they have evolved to a level of inner calm that I haven’t yet managed to achieve, who knows?

Is The Volcano Vaporizer Addictive – Know About It

Lots of people are wondering wether the Volcano Vaporizer is as addictive as other ways of consumption. To answer this question properly i have to go into the topic of addiction itself first.

You can know about the Dry Herb Vaporizer addiction. The use of the vaporizer is beneficial if it does not have any side-effects on the health of the people. There are some questions available that should be answered for the purchase of the vaporizer. The gathering of correct information is essential for people. 

Addiction can be divided in two parts, there is physical addiction and psychic addiction. Physical addiction is the kind of addiction where your body gets dependent on the intake of certain chemicals and you experience physical withdrawal symptoms if you stop the intake of these chemicals. For example if you smoke cigarettes daily your body gets dependent on the nicotine. Now if you stop smoking and stop the flow of nicotine into your body you will experience withdrawal symptoms, like nervousness, agression, bad sleep, sweating, etc. After a detox period the body re-adjusts to the lack of substance that it was used to getting regularly and eventually the withdrawal symptoms disappear. The physical addiction is now over!

Psychic addiction on the other hand is a different kind of addiction, its the kind where your mind gets addicted to something. This is not only limited to the intake of substance but can be virtually everything. People can be (and are) addicted to TV, gambling, sex, power, money. Now im no expert in this field and going to deep into this topic would also be inappropriate for this site. But from my understanding scientists explain psychic addiction in a way, that the substance or action of choice leads to a release of chemicals in the brain that makes the person who experience this feel good. This itself is not a problem but people can become addicted to those experiences and feelings exactly like they can become to substances themselves.

So to sum it up, phyiscal addiction can be described as an addiction of the body to a substance, while psychic addiction can be described as an addiction of the mind to a substance or an action.

Now to get back to the initial question, wether the Volcano Vaporizer is addictive or not. The answer is Yes and No.

If you smoke weed to get away from your problems or feelings, if you abuse marijuana, then the Volcano Vaporizer will help you not at all with this addiction. If you switch from smoking to the Volcano you will still be psychically addicted, you will just have a different form of consumption.

On the other hand lots of people smoke their marijuana mixed with tobacco and become physically addicted to the nicotine theyre smoking. So if you switch from smoking to the Volcano Vaporizer it can definitely help you overcome your physical addiction. As described in my other article you can easily quit your nicotine addiction without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

So the conclusion is, the Volcano Vaporizer is not a magic pill which will erase your addiction. But it can help you get over your physical addiction and make it easier for you to deal with the psychic addiction then. And lets not forget that this device does virtually no damage to your lungs, so if you are addicted to Marijuana, you might aswell vaporize instead of smoking it and ruining your lungs in the process

Apartment Movers Palatine Il – Know About The Services

For most families moving day is stressful. It’s best to plan ahead and deal with some things beforehand. Once the precise day arrives, the person or family is able to allow the professionals take over with loading and transportation. Palatine, IL Apartment Movers have the expertise to move the family to a brand new location.

Bellevue movers have the best transportation and loading services. Along with it, the warehousing services are also the best that are provided to the people. The moving and packing is done through the professionals to get the desired results and have a pleasant experience. 

Make positive any gadgets needed earlier than the belongings shall be unpacked are set aside and marked. Point these items out to the professionals or ensure that they are in a personal car before they arrive. Maintain medicines, cell telephones and vital paperwork together with clothes for the move set aside and obtainable to be used as needed.

Moving day goes smoother if the proprietor takes a while a couple of weeks before the actual move for some sorting. Throw away things that are no longer useful. Donate clothing that no longer worn in addition to those that no longer fit. You should definitely follow local ordinances to dispose any flammable items.

Be positive to reserve the elevator with the property supervisor if needed for the move. Schedule the elevator on the new dwelling as well. Ask about reserving a parking area for the truck to park on the massive day. Handy parking for a truck is important. If parking just isn’t out there, the price of moving can increase.

Be positive to schedule utilities for convenience. On the previous residence, the power ought to remain on through the moving day. At the new home, it should be out there for the start of the move-in day. Be certain that water, gasoline and telephone are also scheduled appropriately. When moving to a new space, check with the cellular phone provider to make sure the contract could be transferred so you’ll have local service on the new location.

Moves might be notably troublesome for youngsters and pets. Make arrangements for them to spend time away from the home on the precise day of the move if possible. If pets should remain on the premises, they need to be confined to an area outdoors of the mover’s way. This helps to forestall the pet from becoming agitated by all the activity.

It is commonly more difficult to search out moving companies prepared to offer services for small moves. Palatine, IL Apartment Movers provide these providers and can transport one’s possessions from to the new home without damage. The company is accustomed to the special circumstances that affect individuals moving to or from multi-household housing.

How To Predict Present Time By Tarot Card Reading

The tarot card reading is the best reading to read the future of a person. The tarot card reading is able to tell you about all the things about your life. If you want to change your life, then you can easily change your life by using the tarot card reading. In the tarot card reading the tarot card reader will predict your future by using the deck of card. In this deck there are many types of cards are available. You have to choose one card among all the cards. According to the card, which you select, the tarot card reader will tell you about your future. If you want to know how to predict the present time by tarot card reading, then you should consult with an expert tarot card reader. The tarot card reader will predict everything right related to your present time by using the tarot card reading.

Sometimes there are many problems occurring in your present life due to some misunderstandings. You want to know about them as soon as possible. For this, you try many ways, but you are unable to find a perfect way for this. You try many ways, but no way can able to help you. In this, the tarot card reading will be the right choice for you. The tarot card reading will help you to predict your present life. It is also telling you the reason, which creates problems in your life, so you can easily remove that reason from your present life. The tarot card reading will make your present life very beautiful for you.

How To Predict Past Time By Tarot Card Reading

The future of a person is depending on the past. If you do good work in your past, then you have a bright future and if you made some mistake in your past, then it will create problems for you in your future, so it is very necessary for you to first solve the problems of your past, then you should think about your future. Sometimes the mistakes of your past life create problems in your present or future life. You want to solve that problem, but you are unable to find an appropriate way to solve that. In this, the tarot card reading for the future will be a better option for you. Many people use the tarot card reading to solve the misery of their past life and they also get success to do this. If you want to know he procedure of how to predict past time by tarot card reading, then you should follow some rules of the tarot card reading. After following the rules of the tarot card reading, you become able to predict past time by the tarot card reading. Here we will suggest some steps to predict the past time by using the tarot card reading.

Before using the tarot card reading, you have to knowledge about the tarot card reading.

You have to take knowledge about all the cards of a deck, so you can able to predict the past of a person easily.

You should know the effects of every step, which is used in this tarot reading.

After following these steps accurately, you can able to solve past problems, so you can live a happy future life.

How To Predict Future Time By Tarot Card Reading

In these days, everyone is worried about his or her future. He or she wants to know everything related to their future. By knowing their future, they can able to improve the mistakes of their present life. Sometimes you also want to know about your future life. You made many efforts to know about your future life, but all the efforts, which you made, get fail. You want a unique solution to know about your future. In this situation, the tarot card reading will be a great choice for you.

The tarot card reading has the answer for all the problems of your life. By using the tarot card reading, you become able to know about your future. Sometimes you have to choose the best way between the two ways, but you are getting confused that which way is suitable for you. You want to know the future effects of each way on your life. In this, you can take help from the tarot card reading. The tarot card reading will tell you the effect of each way on your life. By knowing the effect of each way on your life, you can able to take the decision easily, which is good for you. By using the tarot card reading, you can able to become a successful person in your life.

How To Predict Golden Time By Tarot Card Reading

God gives a golden chance to every person in his or her life. You have to recognize that time. Sometimes you go fail to recognize your golden chance and you lost the opportunity to become a successful person in your life. The golden chance can make you the most reputed person in this world. once, If you lost your golden chance, then you can’t able to get that golden chance again in your life. The people, who make the best use of their golden chance, become able to successful people in this world. If you want to make the best use of your golden chance and you want to know about your golden chance, then you can take help from the tarot card reading. The tarot card reading will provide you a way how to predict golden time by a tarot card reading. After knowing about your golden time, you can make the best use of that and you will definitely able to get the goal of your life. The tarot card reading also tells you how to make the best use of your golden time, so you can get success.

Free Criminal Background Check Your Line Of Defense Against Criminals

No matter how you put it or how you think about it criminals can be hiding almost everywhere. You never know that sometimes a good neighbor can actually someone who is planning to do something very heinous to the community and worse, to you. Or, a former criminal could be living at the very next door. Worsening of economy leads to a rise in crime; this makes security a very important thing for everyone. Usually you would install locks at your home or have a dog around or even buy a gun to protect yourself. But there is one way that you can be sure and that way is getting a free criminal background check on someone. You can read this article to know about the security and background check. The finding of the criminals will become easy and simple for the people. A great result is provided with the free checking of the background. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible for the people. 

Above all, a free criminal background check is only available at your local law enforcement. If you want to know certain things about a criminal it is very beneficial for you if you start by going to the police to get a scoop on their background. Of course, do not expect the police to give you everything they know about the criminal since some things are very confidential and for the eyes of law enforcement only.

Other than that, a free criminal background check is very beneficial if you are planning to catch one on your own. Warning, it is never recommended that you do this. But if you are planning to do so, then by having a free criminal background check on that certain and specific criminal could be the 

For those who are a little paranoid, you may take this free criminal background check as a line of defense. We all know that knowing is the first step to protecting yourself. But no matter who you are, it is always available but you will have to pass on some certain requirements usually an I.D. and will have to sign some papers.

Whether you are in search of reference on a criminal or if you are just a little paranoid, a free criminal background check would never hurt. It will not take anything from you since it is free and easy to get. It is the best way on learning things about a criminal in a legal way and is also safe if you do this at a police station since other sources can cause more danger.

How Can We Know That Torrenting Will Be Safe With A Virtual Private Network (VPN)? 

When people want to download, upload, and connect in the best way, they always use torrent for that. But it is not like we don’t know it can be very dangerous for the device too. There are way many dangers, and not everyone knows about it too. If we want to make the best of it, we have to be introduced to the dangers. Because if we don’t know what is coming towards us, how can we use VPN to get rid of them at all? So, see it here and get to know about the dangers first!

  • Malware:

This is an important thing to know about. Malware is a type of virus that can get into the device and ruin all the data. So do we want this thing to happen? No, we don’t, and that is why it is better to ensure that there is no malware in the device. 

  • Copyrighted document issues:

If someone comes across the copyrighted documents and download them, that will be bad for their device. This can lead to many issues because we already know better that getting someone else’s copyrighted document is not a good thing.

  • Throttling:

This is less frustrating, but it surely is one too. So, if the person has to download a file on torrent and it is a larger one, it will be notified to the ISPs. This will make their internet speed slow and reduce the bandwidth of the internet too. 

  • Hackers:

If we are using the internet and surfing on it, the data will be saved. So if by any chance we are downloading the things from torrent, and hackers get access to the person, they can cause a lot of risks. They can steal the data, and they can also corrupt the device of the person!

But how can VPNs save the person from it? 

As we know, the full form of VPN is a virtual private network. That means we can get a private network and use the files that we want to without any hassle. We all want the best, and we can get it with the help of a VPN because it can conceal the person’s information. We need that to happen in case the ISP finds the use of torrent. So even if they are notified, they won’t access and see what is going on. 

We can secure our personal information, and we can secure everything, including our identity. This way, if someone is downloading the copyrighted content, no one will find out who it is and how they would even punish for this. VPN is like a lifesaver for people who are literally VPN geeks. They can make it all so easy, making it easier for the person to enjoy what they do. 

At last, surely there is no denying that the VPN is way effective, and we can rely on it. But one thing that we want you to know is, check out the paid versions because they have a better capability to do the job. 

Things To Consider If You Want To Get Your Ex Back

A lot of people work very hard on relationships that just fail. You may be one of those people and while reading this think you would like to get your ex back. The Fate review recommends that while working to get your ex back, there are some things you need to consider.

Was the relationship worth trying to salvage? Before considering how to get your ex back sit down and weigh the pros and cons of the relationship. Whether the relationship was extremely new or one you thought would stand the tests of time it is often very important to consider if the good outweighed the bad. Did you fight constantly or were the fights just here and there? If you feel that you want to get your ex back after you consider those things, then possibly it is worth trying.

So how do you go about the path to get your ex back? Well, that is both simple and complicated. It can be as easy as saying you are sorry if you were the person who did something wrong or arranging a time to just sit down and talk about things. Often communication is all it takes to rekindle a relationship.

Knowing the steps on how to get your ex back is highly important because not everyone is the same and what works for one person will not work for everyone. How you choose to get your ex back is totally dependent on how the relationship operated in the first place and what type of relationship it was.

If there was a strong friendship before the relationship then it may not be hard to get your ex back. Often friendships that blossom into relationships are easier to mend because you know each other better than people who just jump into a relationship

Regardless of the type of relationship you had with your ex, if you would like to get your ex back there has to be a process and always remember this may not happen overnight.