7 Top Ingredients To Look For When Choosing Shampoo For Thin Hair Detox Shampoos According To Professionals

Picking the right shampoo for your hair can be a difficult task to do, considering the number of shampoos available in the market. If you start looking for the perfect shampoo, you may find that each is doing the best advertising and marketing of the product by claiming them to rescue your hair in no time. However, the sad reality is most of them are filled with harmful parabens and minerals. So what shampoo should you go for? 

It truly depends on the combination of hair you have, such as damage, frizziness, hair thinning, split ends, dryness, coloured hair, accumulation of oil in your hair, dandruff and so on. With a wide range of shampoos claiming to treat thin hair and make them thicker in just a few weeks, who should you trust and buy? Let’s make it easy for you. According to the experts, below are the top 7 factors to consider before buying Hair Detox shampoos for thin hair.

Seven things to look for in hair thinning shampoo

  1. Protein: Hair follicles need protein to grow new hair and make the remaining hair stronger. Make sure your thinning hair have this protein-rich factor for the production of keratin. It gives strength to your hair and helps in reducing breakage of the hair, which ultimately makes your hair thicker and much healthier. It also provides elasticity to your hair, so it looks much more voluminous and decreases the appearance of dull and brittle hair due to thinning. Now you may think about how to know it is protein-rich? Look for the ingredients like keratin, biotin, soy or wheat protein, amino acids, rice protein in the ingredient list.
  2. Sulphate free: Sulphate free shampoo is a must to avoid your hair from getting damaged and brittle which may lead to more thin hair. Sulphate works by creating more lather and overflying your scalp. Using a sulphate free shampoo will make sure to make that ph balance required for your healthy scalp. It prevents any thinning of hair and won’t strip away the essential nutrients like protein. This leads to frizz-free hair and fewer split ends. You’ll get many hair detox shampoo that’ll do the job and is sulphate free.
  3. Paraben-free: Parabens are the preservatives used to increase the shelf life of the product. If you’re dealing with damaged and thin hair, choosing the shampoo that is SLS and paraben-free is crucial for the longevity of your hair. The paraben-free shampoo will ensure that your hair remains moisturised even after you wash it, leading to less dryness and less breakage.
  4. Natural ingredients: The texture of your hair truly depends on what your shampoo is made of. The less the chemical, the better for your hair, and that is why going for natural ingredients are the best. Some of the best hair ingredients you can look for in the shampoo are natural plant oil, aloe vera, coconut, essential oils, honey and egg protein.
  5. Minoxidil: Minoxidil is a powerful ingredient that will boost your pattern of hair growth and helps you in achieving shiny, voluminous hair fast and effectively. Using a shampoo with this ingredient will thicken your hair over time, and you’ll see a noticeable difference in the thickness of your hair. There are shampoos in the market which provide 2% minoxidil solution shampoo for the best results.
  6. Vitamin B3: Hair starts to turn dull when the proper oxygen and blood isn’t supplied to the follicles and the roots of your hair. Shampoo with Vitamin B3 will ensure that your scalp is getting enough oxygen supply and helps in circulating blood which results in faster hair growth. This ingredient will surely enhance your hair’s texture and turn it from thin and damaged to luscious and shiny.
  7. Phyto caffeine: Shampoos with caffeine as an ingredient helps to improve blood circulation and promotes oxygen in the roots of the hair, making it much stronger and longer. It promotes hair growth effectively without damaging it. Regular use of shampoo containing Phyto caffeine will reduce hair loss and breakage of hair, giving fuller and thicker hair. It will help your hair to look much more voluminous and luscious if used in the long run.

Before choosing the best hair detox shampoo for thin hair, going through the ingredient list is a must. First, make sure the shampoo is sulphate and paraben-free and is as organic as possible. One incredibly essential ingredient is a protein that you should have in your shampoo. It can be in any form, whether biotin, keratin, soy protein or any other. Other than that, choose a shampoo that contains either minoxidil, Phyto caffeine or vitamin b3 for the faster growth of your hair. Choosing any one of this three-ingredient will ensure that your hair is safe and proper blood circulation and oxygen, which is crucial for the hair to grow

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