7 Most Important Points to Consider when buying a bunk bed

It is a lot of fun to buy new bunk beds and build a new room for children! But, if you do not know where to begin, it can also be a little daunting. There are myriad of possible children’s bunk bed choices to choose from in today’s market, which is why we will take you through each step of the process. When searching for the right bunk bed to match everyone’s needs, here are 10 tips to remember!

Sleeping style

Older children may not sleep 100 percent of the time during the night. On occasion, my daughter sleepwalks, but not almost as much now as when she was younger. If your child always gets up at night, it may be a good idea for him or her to sleep on the floor.

Your Room

Your room is one of the most significant items to take into account. Take the extra time to gauge the room. Look at the windows, doors, closets, etc., and find out where a bunk bed is the best spot. Ideally you want it along a bare wall not covering things like windows or doors. It is necessary for the bunk bed to be against at least one wall, two if possible. The fewer sides that can roll out of a sleeper, the better. For kids not staying on a top bunk, this comes in handy too. There are guardrails for all top bunks, but extra caution is always wise.

Safety Options

One of the greatest fears parents have when ordering bunk beds is that they are safe and sound when they sleep and play. But, recommendations for protection have come a long way! A reliable brand like  Narivoodid manufactures solid wood furniture and uses sturdy components that are essential to protection. They also provide many standards, including side bed rails, handrails, steps of stairs shown below, or even slanted ladders, to choose from. Consider who you are buying the bed for, to go along with the point in number three, and you will instantly know what precautions you may want to take for your boy.

The Right Mattress

This is just as critical as your space measurements! Make sure that you order a mattress that really suits your bed. Just because it is a twin or complete, doesn’t mean just any twin or full mattress would do! You will want to suggest a low-profile children’s mattress for bunk beds, which is 5″ wide, depending on the height of your side rails and the amount of space between your beds and the ceiling or top bunk. This maximizes space and means your child gets more security and headroom.


Of course, for most shopping transactions, the budget plays a part. To see what characteristics you want, look around at many shops. A wood bed is going to cost more than a metal one. Additional features are cool but will add to the budget, such as a built-in desk or bookshelf. Don’t forget that you’ll actually also have to buy two mattresses.

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