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Index of Stuff

Everything in this index represents those documents that I have found over the years that I feel are important enough to keep, but that don't fit into one of the other groups.  So, the Miscellaneous designation.  I have copies of most of this in my Book of Shadows, but I can't take credit for any of this.  These were all written by other people, and if I know who they were, they are credited in the document.

If you see your work here, without proper credit being given, please contact me at Daven@davensjournal.com and let me know.  I will see to it that you are given all the credit you deserve. 

Whether or not credit is given, all these materials are copyrighted, by the original authors, if no one else.  You can read them, copy them for your personal use, put them on your WebPages, but you can't sell any of this information without being guilty of copyright violation. There are several articles dealing with this on the Net and I will be linking them to this page soon.  Most notably is the several articles by Wren Walker of The Witches' Voice and by Fritz Jung, her significant other.  Both of these notables are dead set against plagiarism and also "pagan theft" on the web and the net.  Don't do it.

Soooooo.... on with the show.