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Random Digressions

Random firing of the synapses

Message: Random thoughts
Author:Daven Iceni

Date: Jun 16, 2000 00:01

Compiled Imbolic Information

(Note from Daven:  As you know, I am a member of Ancientsites, and as such, and being a Druid there, I sometimes have to do research on different holidays for the celebrations going on there.  This is the compiled information on Imbolic.  I gave this to my superior, one Ninian Cuchulainn for use in writing the celebration for use on the public boards.)

Compiled Imbolic Information

Credit this to Shannon Iceni

A good book on the Druids…’The World of the Druids” by Green has a little bit about Imbolic.

Celebrated Feb 1st it Celebrates the first sign of spring the lactation of the ewes. Imbolic means purification. This Sabbat was closely associated with the Irish Goddess Brigit who later became a Christian saint. So it is closely related to purification and possibly connected to luring the sun back to the earth using fire as a tool in sympathetic magic.

Another reference, although not as scholarly (sp?) , is McCoy’s “The Sabbats”. There is a reference to a lit wheel of the year later mutating to a crown of flowers on the maids head. ..

The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology

Deena West Budd
Weiser Books, 2010, $14.95US
ISBN13 978-1-57863-450-7

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

I have to admit that when I first saw these books being advertised on Twitter, I was skeptical about their value. I was very afraid that they would be another in the long line of books issued recently by various publishing houses that take a mythical creature, sensationalize it and warp and twist the information so it becomes another reason to laugh at those who believe in the mystical and supernatural.

I am glad to report that my fears, in this case, were unfounded.

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For Mary

A poem

Each laugh line
around her beautiful eyes
is more precious to me than emeralds.
Each is a time she smiled
that smile that stole my heart
Each one means I did something
that made her enjoy life.

Each tear she shed
broke my heart.
They are symbols that I failed
to ease her sorrow.
They represent times
when the stress of living
made her hate life.

Each grey hair
that crowns her intelligent head
I cherrish as the silver they are colored.
They are war-wounds
badges of honor.
They are the the hair pulling episodes
that tempered her life.

Each stretch mark
surrounding her stomache
is a map of the life she helped bear.
She has given me the
supreme gift of my daughter,
the girl who I get to raise
and teach to live her life.

Watching her live
with me and in my life
makes my life a thing of beauty.
There are scars on her soul
that none will ever see
but which I know are there
and which completes her life.


People exist on the other side of this monitor. What you are reading right now is not what someone is, it is what someone is presenting to you. All you see is that which is presented, nothing more.

Even if you know them, see them every day, you still only see what they present. You don’t see into their heart, you don’t see the depths of their mind, you don’t know what they are REALLY thinking at any one point.

All you see is one facet of them.

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Definition of Wiccan/Pagan and so on…

Message: At one of the Lurker’s request,
Author: Teacher – Daven Iceni
Date: May 11, 2000 21:40

Goddess Faces

My wife Mary got a question on this topic on Care2 and she wrote this response. She claims that she has no clue where 99% of it came from.

Ah, my apologies. In my faith women go through four phases in life. Maiden, Mother, Crone and occasionally bridging all three Warrior.

Maiden is the springtime of life, learning and growing, glowing with all the possibilities possible for anyone, yet a girl for potential is not fulfillment.

Mother is more responsible, and having children of her own or not, is a nurturing influence on those around her. She is a woman, secure in her knowledge and place. She is not subservient to men, far from it. She is an equal partner with them. They must have each other to bring new life into the world. The tribe always needs new life.

Crone cannot bear children anymore but hers is the wisdom of age, hard won in many cases. Not only does she have life experience, she has knowledge from the books and teachers of this world and the other. It is her duty to pass on her wisdom to the tribe.

How to Get Started in Wicca

One question that just about everyone has ever asked in the online forums is this one: “Hi! I’m new to Wicca and I just started. What do I do now?”

The slew of answers that the questioner will get will generally boils down to one word: “Read”.

Believe it or not, gaining knowledge is about 60% of what you have to do in this case, beginning on this path. The rest is actually practicing and getting the practical knowledge under your brain and in your fingers. But reading and gaining knowledge is the primary thing you have to be doing.

Why? Most people who start in Wicca or any esoteric path have a basis in their faith that they grew up with; most likely (at least in the United States) that faith is Christianity. Because of this, there is a lot of dogma and information that one must gain during the first little bit of the Path, and that requires study.

So the first thing is to read. Read whatever you can about Wicca and Paganism. Read about New Age mysticism. Read about Hindu beliefs, read the Buddhist philosophy. Read the Koran. Read the Bible. Read.

First ODU Ritual

Well, first off, I was not expecting a whole lot to happen, and it’s a good thing because not a lot did. Let me start from the beginning of the ritual.

I had been preparing for this for two weeks or more. It started by buying a set of tiki torches, 5 in all, to use in this ritual. Actually, to be more accurate, I had 4 torches, a bottle of oil and I just needed to get some paint and another torch and I was all set.

So I purchased those, painted them (ruining my only pair of casual Friday jeans in the process) and put them aside to cure. Three were to be for the Realms, one blue one for the Sea, one green one for the Earth, and one white one for the Sky. The other two were for the Lord and Lady, and since I’m most comfortable with Herne and Rhiannon, that’s who I called upon.

Previous Front Page Rants

Start Rant

(Please note that this rant only pertains to a specific segment of the population.

“Life is pain. Anyone who says different is selling something. — Wesley “The Princess Bride”

One phrase I’m absolutely sick of hearing is this one: “Whenever one door closes, another one opens.”

Only if there is a problem with the architecture of the place you are in. Doors are designed to keep out unwanted things, and if you are in a hallway of doors, and one closes, others should not open.

Oh, I know that they are supposed to be for keeping hope up when you are down and opportunity has run away from you on those fast little legs it has. I know it’s supposed to be a means of “soldiering on” and keeping one’s courage up. But the problem here is that most times it’s just unwarranted moronic advice that means little.

Let’s look at this from an emotional standpoint for a minute. And we will illustrate this with an example.

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